Eisenhower Elite Energy has taken the show choir world by storm. Throughout its twenty-one year history, EEE has garnered many grand champion, top six, best vocal, best choreography, best combo, best tech crew and outstanding soloist awards. They have traveled coast-to-coast representing their school, their community and the State of Illinois.
EEE consists of an outstanding group of singers and dancers, an awesome combo and an excellent tech crew. Members are among the elite students of Eisenhower High School (EHS) as well. EEE members participate in all activities of EHS including: Athletics, Band, Vocal Music, Scholastic Bowl, French Club and National Honor Society.
From Decatur, Illinois, directed by Scott Hines, choreographed by Scott Hines, April James, and Linda McEachran, may we introduce to you....
Eisenhower Elite Energy Show Choir!
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